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Manual of Vacuum Cup


Product Material

Stainless stell:high-quality imported stainless steel,non-magnetic. Plastic:food-grade,impact-resistant PP plastic material,non-toxic,no odor. Silicone:non-toxic,resistant to heat,medical grade.

Instructions For Use

1. Clean the inside of the cup before use and warm it up with hot water for 1-2minutes to increase the internal temperature of the cup.In this way,you can better improve the insulation effect.

2. Too little or too much water filling will affect the thermal preservation effect .The best insulation effect can be achieved when the water reaches 1-2cm under the bottleneck.

3. after you fill in water, slowly tighten the lid firmly to prevent leaks.

4. Regularly fill the cup with the warm water with a spoonful of soda and open the lid for disinfection. And them rinse thoroughly with warm water.

5. Use the table vinegar to clean the cup once a month .It is good for the health and long-term use.When cleaning,dilute 1-2drops of vinegar in warm water and then fill the water into the cup.Keep it for 30 minutes with the lid open. Then use soft rag to wipe it clean. Vinegar is very effective for cleaning fine particles and bacteria.

6. Due to the temperature difference between the cup and the outside air,the middle part of the lid is prone to condensation of water vapor,which is a normal phenomenon.

7. The cup body itself does not rust. However,the rust spot may appear due to water scale.Fill in the cup with the warm water plus 10%concentration of vinegar and place it for 30 minutes .And then use the soft cloth to wipe it clean.

8. When use the cup to fill in cold water,it would be more effective to add a few ice cubes.


1. Do not use the cup for other purpose except the thermal preservation.

2. When the cup is filled with hot water,place it out of children’s reach so as to avoid burns.

3. Be careful to drink when it is filled with hot water to avoid burns.

4. There will be tea scale if the tee is dept inside for a long time. It is better to enjoy it as soon as possible.

5. Do not place the cup nest to the item with high temperature to avoid deformation,discoloration and paint off.

6. For the best insulation effect,fill in the water untiol 1cn under the bottleneck. Ifthe water is excessive,the insulation performance will be affected. Inaddition,when tightening the lid,the spilled hot water may cause burns.

7. Donot use ultra-temperature for the sterilizing of lid to avoid distortion.

8. After washing,please confirm whether the silicone ring is properly installed. The wrong installation or the lack of installation may result in water leakage.

9. Donot use abrasive powder,metal cleaning ball,cleaning naphtha or cleaning agents containing chlorine,which may cause surface scratches,rust or corrosion.

10. Protect the product from falling down or great impact to avoid undesirable surface retraction,which may affect insulation effect.

11. It is prohibited to fill in the following things:dry ice,carbonated beverages(the inside pressure may increase,the lid mya not be opened or the contents may spray out),dark plum juice,lemon juice and other acidic beverages(may cause poor insulation),milk,dairy products,fruit juices,etc.(it will spoil if left inside for too long time).

12. It is prohibited to put it inside the oven,microwave and dishwasher and other electrical products.

Maintenance Mtthods

1. If it will not be used for a long time,the liner should be fully dried.

2. Inorder to prevent odors of stains,clean it after use and make it fully dry.

3. The sue of impure water will produce red spots similar to rust.Usr warm water plus diluted vinegar to soak for thirty minutes to as to get them fully cleaned.




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